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10 tips for enjoying the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago

Discover the recommendations that will make it easier for you to make the pilgrimage on the “camino de Santiago routes“. 1.- The early bird… Well, that’s it, early bird. In this way you avoid the hot hours, you enjoy the scenery … [ leer más ]

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Why is physiotherapy important?

23 enero, 2019, en Sin categoría por Jorge Jiménez Rolo

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Physical therapy is an evidence-based medicine, not a belief-based one. Its treatments are developed through therapeutic exercise and different techniques, which use the help of heat, cold, light, water, massage or even electricity. All of course, after a diagnosis that is not always by radiography, also uses a lot of electrical and manual tests to determine the value of the impairment of innervation and muscle strength. These tests accurately determine the functional capabilities and range of motion of the joints. According to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), Physical Therapy is the “Art and Science of physical treatment, that is to say, the set of techniques that through the application of physical agents cure, prevent, recover and readapt the patients susceptible to receive physical treatment”.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the instrument par excellence of the Physiotherapist are his hands and the scientific method applied as much in the work of evaluation, as in the election and execution of the most suitable technique, and in the progressive evaluations that will determine the evolution and the success of the treatment.

But physiotherapy does not only treat people with some physical disability, it also helps healthy people to prevent many degenerative diseases.

Importance of physiotherapy

“Physiotherapy is fundamental in the treatment of the elderly, who will be healthier the more active they are,” says physiotherapist Ryszard Buk of Matrix Physiotherapy, a prestigious physiotherapy clinic in Manchestser.

The physio explains that prostration progressively undermines the health of an elderly person. “The lack of movement in the elderly becomes a cascade of diseases, such as urinary and fecal incontinence, and respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia. What’s more, incontinence requires the presence of catheters, the same ones that usually cause infections,” Buk points out.

The physio says that physiotherapy is necessary, according to medical prescription, to counteract the effects of osteoarticular diseases that cause degeneration of the locomotor system, as well as to combat the consequences of neurological problems such as strokes, and even to strengthen the body of those older adults who need to exercise to reduce heart problems.

“The intensity of physiotherapy depends on each pathology. The areas to be recovered are exercised, always to the extent of the patient’s capabilities.

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