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Dayana Perozo Latina fitness Influencers

 Dayana Perozo Latina fitness Influencers Una de las más reconocidas latina fitness influencer en Miami es Dayana Perozo. Ella cuenta con más de 120 mil seguidores en Instagram, adicionalmente presentó recientemente su ecommerce de ropa deportiva que lleva como nombre “Espiritu … [ leer más ]

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The Best Resistance Band Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

26 noviembre, 2020, en fitness por Daniel Perrone

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The Best Resistance Band Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

resistance band exercises

Resistance bands are one of the most underrated training equipment, but when used correctly, they can completely transform your exercise regimen. I share the Best Resistance Band Exercises with you. The most important thing is to look for a fitness equipment  of the highest quality at the best price.

Affordable and compact, these small but powerful bands are lightweight and portable too. Whether you incorporate them in a short after your run or wear them throughout your entire workout, they will prove effective in virtually any training move.

“Resistance bands are a great tool for enhancing the mind-muscle connection since you really need to have control throughout the entire movement,” says Kira Stokes, founder of the Stoked Method and celebrity personal trainer to stars including Candace Cameron Bure, Ashley Graham, and Shay Mitchell. She loves that resistance bands enhance both the eccentric and concentric portions of each exercise movement, and increase the time in which your muscles are under tension. Stokes loves resistance band workouts so much, she’s shared with us her favorite low-impact exercise moves for everyone from beginners to more advanced athletes.

Before you get started, Stokes suggests choosing three lower body moves, three upper body moves, and three core moves from the exercises below to create a full body resistance band workout routine. She also recommends counting reps (15-20 reps per movement is ideal) instead of doing the movements for a period time because you want to create symmetry and consistency on both sides.

Arm Pulses

Stokes says this move is especially helpful for people who are sitting at a desk all day and need to work on their posture. The key to resistance band exercises for arms is to not let the band go slack, but rather keep tension on the band for the whole movement.

How to:

  1. Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Place the band around your wrists. Retract your shoulders by pulling them back and down to maintain good posture throughout the movement.
  2. Raise your arms shoulder width apart and pulse the arms out to the sides.

Row and Curl

Who says resistance bands are only for lower body workouts? Stokes loves this move that focuses on bicep work, but also recruits muscles from the upper back and even the chest. She reminds us to keep tension on the band throughout the movement to get the most from this exercise.

How to:

  1. Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Place the band around your wrists. Retract your shoulders by pulling them back and down to maintain good posture throughout the movement.
  2. Bend your arms to perform a bicep curl while keeping tension on the band, and then press out straight in front of you. Row the arms back in and then straighten back down to starting position.

Tricep Press

Stokes shares that triceps are a muscle group that women struggle with, but they are so important as they make up a significant portion of the upper arm. This resistance band move for women is especially good to incorporate into your workout regimen.

How to:

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Hold one end of the band with your right hand so it is anchored near your right shoulder. Grab the other end of the band with your left hand and start in a 90 degree angle with the left arm.
Recruit your tricep muscles to pull the band down and back, making sure only your forearm is moving. Then return to the 90 degree angle position. Be sure to repeat this movement on the opposite side as well.

Lat Pull Down

No lat machine, no problem! If you’re unable to go to the gym and need to workout at home, this exercise is perfect for activating the lats. “Make sure you’re not over engaging your traps here. You want to work from a packed shoulder and keep a long neck and space between your ears and shoulders,” Stokes advises.

How to:

  1. Start with feet shoulder width apart. Grip each side of the band in your palms.
  2. With arms straight overhead, hold the right arm straight overhead and static as the left elbow bends down and to the side. Return the left arm overhead and keep it straight as you lower the right elbow down and to the side.

Bicycle Crunch with Band

Elevate this classic core move by adding a resistance band for an extra challenge. Stokes says, “don’t fly through bicycles. Slow it down more than you think you need … faster doesn’t mean better.”

How to:

  1. Place the band around both feet and then lay flat on your back. Lift the shoulders off the ground into a crunch position.
  2. Engage the glute of the extended leg as you bring one knee into your chest. Twist the upper body so opposite elbow crunches towards opposite knee. Pause for two counts, then alternate on the other side.

Banded Dead Bug

When working on this core move, Stokes says to keep lateral tension on the resistance band and never lose it. This is one of our favorite resistance band exercises for abs.

How to:

  1. Place the band around both feet and then lay flat on your back. Bend knees at a 90-degree angle with feet in the air and tension on the band. Arms are straight over your shoulders and perpendicular to the ground.
  2. Press out on the band with the left foot and lower down the right arm simultaneously so they are both hovering over the floor. The key here is to keep tension on the band with the other foot. Bring the arm and leg back to starting position, and then repeat on the opposite side as you lower down the right foot and left arm.

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