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Dayana Perozo Latina fitness Influencers

 Dayana Perozo Latina fitness Influencers Una de las más reconocidas latina fitness influencer en Miami es Dayana Perozo. Ella cuenta con más de 120 mil seguidores en Instagram, adicionalmente presentó recientemente su ecommerce de ropa deportiva que lleva como nombre “Espiritu … [ leer más ]

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10 fitness tips for all types of training

23 diciembre, 2020, en fitness por Daniel Perrone

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10 fitness tips for all types of training

When it comes to training, no matter what you do, these FITNESS TIPS are the ones that will really make “the difference”, not a simple one; if not, the difference. Therefore, every time you train this is something that you should definitely take into account in any training you do. Here we start, and if you can … write these 10 fitness tips for any type of training.

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1.- Schedule.

When you train, always make all your workouts an agenda. As if it were any important event, so is training. You must have a schedule and times that you must meet.

2.- 80/20 rule

Whenever you go to train, remember that 20% training 80% healthy food.

3.- Move all week

It doesn’t matter that you’re not going to train, always try to move. You have to keep in mind that you are looking for a goal. Therefore, you always need to work for her. Your mind should be mentally focused to the point of always seeking to exercise. You will find the way if you mentalize.

4.-Weight exercises

Always in your exercises, always use strength training. It will help a lot to speed up your metabolism. By getting it closer, you will burn your fat burning better.

5.- Train in the mornings.

You will most likely train after a whole day of work and / or studies, and it is definitely not advisable, since at the end of the day you will already feel without energy. Therefore, it is best in the morning.

6.- Two days in a row

Never stop training two days in a row.

7.- Seek to entertain yourself

Whenever you train, look for a way or a way to do it and at the same time entertain yourself.

8.-Time intervals.

In order to increase your workouts, the best thing you can do is decrease your training intervals so that the intensity increases.

9.- Calories burned

The calories burned is not the same as the calories consumed. Therefore, during the day always seeks to burn more calories than those that enter.

10.- Your diet and training are married

You can’t do one without the other. Both are important to achieve your goals.

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