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Barcelona: city of sex

Has Barcelona become the city of sex? Do whore tourists come to Barcelona? Without a doubt, sexual demand has increased considerably in Barcelona and there are sexual offers for all tastes and pockets. Keep reading, we’ll tell you everything! Going … [ leer más ]

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Things to do in Barcelona when you have already done everything

22 enero, 2019, en Sin categoría por Jorge Jiménez Rolo

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It’s true that there comes a time when you’ve already done all the touristic things that all the travel guides tell you, you’ve already visited everything you have to see and you’ve eaten in the places where you have to eat. Great.
Today we wanted to bring something a little more special, a guide to things to do in Barcelona something more “alternative”, or plans that may surprise those who have been in Barcelona for a while.

Things to do in Barcelona when you have already done EVERYTHING

We know that there are thousands of things to see and do in Barcelona, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Right here in Travel Learning we have written an article about Catalonia, and the Costa Brava.

what to do in barcelona today
Today we intend to advise plans to do, with fun activities that will include both food, as well as places with alternative views, maybe excursions, lots of curiosities, and some surprises.

Well, indeed several surprises!

And if you already live in Barcelona don’t forget to visit the part of 9 things that you will only understand if you have lived in Barcelona. Probably more than one will surprise you.

Well, let’s start, because we bring up a map of Barcelona with the plans we propose to make:

7 things to do in Barcelona today

  1. Enjoy the best views of Barcelona from the Carmel Bunkers.
    Yes, it may be one of my favourite spots in Barcelona, and yes, you may have already done this plan, or you may have it in your head. But I had to start with him, so said and done. The bunkers in the Carmen neighbourhood (in the upper part of the Turó de la Rovira) are anti-aircraft batteries from which you can see Barcelona with 360º views. I assure you that it is probably the most worthwhile viewpoint. Located at a height of 260 meters, you can see all the urban expansion, the streets millimeter, the Sagrada Familia … really, a perfect plan to do both with friends and with your partner.If you don’t have a car, something very normal in Barcelona, take the bus 24, 92, 119 and V17 that will leave you about five minutes walking. There you can ask anyone who will gladly tell you where they are, as they are getting more and more fame (on top of that they are a short walk from the Parc Güell). Because it is probably the best viewpoint in the city, word is spreading and more people are getting to know it. So if you haven’t been to the Carmel Bunkers yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for!
  2. Lose yourself in the Horta Labyrinth
    I have to admit that I didn’t find out that Horta had one of the biggest labyrinths in Spain until well into the next few months. But since I saw them for the first time I have had to repeat.If you like labyrinths take advantage of this place, because it is worth setting up a Sunday plan and approaching this park to lose yourself through the labyrinth. It’s a lot of fun, promised, and I assure you that you will be able to spend a good time indoors going around to try to get out. That said, a perfect activity to do in Barcelona, and one of the things I liked most to discover of the city.

    It is said that Horta’s Labyrinth Park is the oldest garden in Barcelona, in what used to be the Desvalls family estate (1794). In the park we will find a neoclassical garden from the 18th century and a romantic garden from the 19th century.

  3. Search for the best Street Art in Barcelona
    It goes without saying that Barcelona is one of the most artistic cities in Spain. Moreover, it is one of the most avant-garde and therefore art is present everywhere. Galleries, museums…and in the street.

    Urban art, street art, is a very important part of the city of Barcelona, and taking a walk through the most important places should be a must to do in Barcelona. Especially if you are lovers of street art. Existen varias organizaciones que hacen tours por los distintos recorridos donde veréis Street Art en Barcelona. Aquí más abajo os compartimos un mapa de Open Walls Conference, donde podréis visitar distintas obras en distintos barrios.

  4. Breathe the art of the squares of the Gràcia district
    For me Barcelona is Gràcia. During the time I spent living in Barcelona, crossing the borders of the Gràcia neighbourhood cost me my life, I admit it.

    Because this neighbourhood is perfect, it’s small and cooperative, it’s artistic, it’s modern, it’s all you’re looking for when you’re 23 and you’ve just landed in a new city. The artistic feeling of the neighborhood was undoubtedly in the streets, and especially in the squares. I haven’t spent hot nights in the Plaza Virreina, in Diamant, in Revolució, in Sol…with guitars and friends, waiting to see if the police didn’t pass by so we could drink another can. Good ol´times, indeed.

  5. Enter Poble Espanyol
    Probably during your visit to Barcelona you’ve already done everything you had to do, and you’ve already seen everything you had to see. Right? Sagrada Familia, Ramblas, Barceloneta, bla bla bla bla.

    But with a lot of people I come across who have been in Barcelona for 2, 3, x days, they tell me they don’t know the Poble Espanyol. Really?

    It’s probably one of the most important Sunday walks you can do in Barcelona. A perfect plan to do in Barcelona. You start at Las Arenas (old bullring now a shopping centre) and continue on to Maria Cristina and the famous fountains to climb to Montjuic, where we will find our next stop.

    The first time I went to Poble Espanyol I didn’t see anything. Nothing at all. I was young, and I made the Madrid-Barcelona trip to see Moby live, and of course, it was late…concert…dark…because I didn’t even realize everything around me. Poble Espanyol is a really impressive place.

  6. Take a tour of your city
    Has it ever occurred to you? I’m sure you’ve been to the anywhere and done thousands of tours, but I’ll bet you haven’t done it in the city where you live, haven’t you?One of the best ways to spend a Sunday, a weekend, or the day you want is by doing a Tour of the city. And Barcelona, being such a tourist city, has millions of opportunities, of all colours, and for all tastes.

    You can visit the Gothic Quarter, you can climb the Tibidabo or you can do more alternative activities such as enjoying an erotic massage in Barcelona when you have already done EVERYTHING. Because if you live in Barcelona I imagine that you have already had time to do all the tours, right?

    In short, you have a lot of tours available, free, cheap, expensive, for singles, married, in family, with children, for summer, winter, etc etc etc … And the truth is that you will learn a lot from them. I have done several, thematic and generic, and I really think it is one of the best opportunities to visit a city.

    You will be told thousands of anecdotes and stories about places you walk almost every day, and you will see the city with another perspective. Another approach. It’s a perfect way to visit Barcelona, so take a look at all the offer there is and cheer up with one.

  7. Get to know the surroundings and you won’t want to go back to the centre
    Another advantage of living in Barcelona is that you are very close to many cool places. Really, it’s not like Madrid that you’re surrounded by a secarral (as it is, sorry Let).

    In Barcelona no, from Barcelona you can visit by car the Costa Brava which is one of the wonders of Europe. You will have impressive beaches, coves for yourself, and places where you can take out your camera and shoot the next Estrella Damm commercial. Do you feel like it? Vic, the Monastery of Montserrat, Sitges…if you have a weekend (which you probably have, don’t fool us) and you don’t know what to do in Barcelona today or take the car and go on an excursion along the coast. I assure you that the blow of fresh air, leaving the city and its pollution will make you want to come back weekend yes and weekend too.

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